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  • The School of Earth and Space Sciences (ESS) at the University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) consists of Department of Geophysics and Space Sciences and Department of Geochemistry and Environmental sciences. The school offers degree of BS, MS, and Ph.D in five main geo-science disciplines, space physics, atmospheric science, solid state geophysics, geochemistry, and environmental science.

    The School of ESS is proud of the excellent faculties. Currently, the school has 115 faculties and staffs, including 44 professors and 32 associate professors. Among the professors, 4 were elected as academicians of Chinese Academy of Science, 2 were entitled as “New Century Million Talents project” and Chang Jiang Scholars, 4 were entitled as “Thousand Talents Program” professors by the Central Department of Organization Work of the Communist Party of China, and 5 were entitled as“one-hundred talents” professors. The school also has 2 “master lecture” professors and 2 “famous teaching” professors. Six professors have been supported by the “outstanding youth” funding provided by the National Science Foundation of China.

    The essential goal of the school of ESS is to educate/train excellent, versatile, and creative students. As early as in 1958 when USTC was founded, based on the demands of development of China and pioneering scientific research, the school started recruited undergraduates majoring geophysics and geochemistry. To build up an elite university, the school has always offered students the best training from teaching theoretic background to advanced research work. No later than the third year of the undergraduate program, the students can choose a top research group in the school or in the institutes of the Chinese Academy of Science to finish their thesis. Up to date, over 200 masters and 40 doctor has graduated from the school. There are about 100 undergraduate students obtaining their bachelor degree each year and most of them go to a top-rank university or institute in China, Europe, and America for further education. Three alumni of the school of the ESS were elected as academician of the Chinese Academy of Science. Zhonghan Deng (class of 87) was the youngest academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering (2009). A large number of our alumini are working in the top universities or institutes in China, America, Europe, and Australia.

    The school of ESS has focused on a variety of pioneering research on the past, present, and future of our earth as well as planetary system. Scientists in the school take active part in many major projects of national basic scientific research and development plan, including but not limited to programs of National Science foundation of China, programs of National Climbing plan, and programs of Knowledge and Creation project. After many years effort, the school has established the Key Lab of Crust-Mantle Material and Environment and Anhui Mengchen National field scientific observational station (one of the first stations approved by the Ministry of science and technology of the China). Space physics and geochemistry are the national key disciplines, solid state geophysics is a province-level key discipline. Since 2000, the faculties in our school have won 8 research awards of province-level or above, including 2 National Science Awards, 1 First Prize and 1 Secondary Prize of Science and Technology Awards of Anhui. Many papers were published in the top scientific journals such as Nature and Science. The average of citation rate of the papers of the school ranks the highest among all geo-science departments in Chinese universities.