Geophysics and Planetary Sciences
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    Geophysics and Planetary Sciences

  • The department of Geophysics and Planetary Sciences explores the structure and properties of the Earth and its atmosphere, as well as the solar system and its planets. Its subjects include the shape of the Earth, its gravitational and magnetic fields, the dynamics of the Earth as a whole and of its component parts, the Earth's internal structure, composition and tectonics, the atmosphere, ionosphere, magnetosphere and solar-terrestrial relations, and analogous problems associated with the Moon and other planets.

    The ongoing research of the geophysics group deals with plate tectonics and Earthquakes; seismology。

    The atmospheric group explores the physical, chemical and radiative transfer aspects of the atmosphere; numerical model for weather forecasting; clouds, rain and lightning formation; remote sensing and image processing.

    The space and planetary group investigates the interplanetary plasma and solar wind interaction; the physical process of the ionosphere and magnetosphere of the Earth and other planets.