CAS Key Laboratory of Crust-Mantle Materials and Environments
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    CAS Key Laboratory of Crust-Mantle Materials and Environments

  • Key Laboratory of Crust-Mantle Materials and Environments, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS)

    Research Directions:

    It is focused on the geochemical property of the crust and mantle and its underlying geodynamic processes, with emphasis on the interface interaction between different geospheres and its effect on mineral resources and geological environments. It utilizes integrated methods by combining those inearth science with those in chemistry, physics and biology. It starts with the temporal and spatial relationships between the formation and evolution of continental collision orogens. It devotes not only to the basic physicochemical processes involving the production, development and evolution of element and isotope variations in the crust and mantle, but also to the basic rules for matter and energy exchange between the different geospheres and its geodynamic and environmental effects.

    Research Contents:

    It aims to decipher the chemical structure and composition of geospheres and their interaction, with major research fields not only in the orogenic chemical geodynamics and its mineralization effects but also in surface geochemistry and its environmental effects. It is dedicated to understanding of material transformation between geospheres, the chemical structure and geodynamics of the lithosphere, and extreme geological environments and their physicochemical effects.


    It gives full play to the advantage in chemical geodynamics, with the characteristic features of isotope geochemistry. It is focused on the crust-mantle interactionin continental collision orogensand its environmental effects. It develops toward intersecting and merging in the study of physicochemical property and temporal-spatial evolution between deep and surface Earth systems. It will become one of the international centers for Earth system science with the emphasis on geochemistry.

    It consistsof 28 staff, including 16 professor (2 Academicians, 1 winner from the Recruitment Program of Global Experts, 3 winners for Distinguished Young Scholars in the National Science Foundation of China, and 3 members from the Hundred Talents Program in the Chinese Academy of Sciences), and 8 associate professors and senior engineers.

    Laboratory Director: Academician Zheng Yongfei
    Chairman for Academic Committee: Academician Li Shuguang