Li Shuguang(李曙光)
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    Li Shuguang(李曙光)

  • Li Shuguang 

    Geochemical Professor,


    Department of Geochemistry and Environment Science,

    Phone: 0551-3607647;

    Email: lsg@ustc edu cn;


    Courses:  An Introduction to Geochemistry ,

         Advance of Geochemistry ,

         An Introduction to the Earth System;

    Research field:

    (1) Isotopic geochronology, cooling history and exhumation mechanism of ultrahigh pressure metamorphic (UHPM) rocks;

    (2) Isotope and trace element geochemistry of ultrahigh pressure metamorphic rocks and igneous rocks in orogenic belt to trace the continental collision and mountain root removal processes.

    (3) Trace element behaviour during progressive metamorphism and retrograde metamorphism of UHPM rocks.

    (4) Adakitic rocks and basaltic rocks geochemistry to understand partial melting and delamination of thickened continental crust and and crust-mantle interaction.

     Major publications:

    1.  Li Shuguang, S. R. Hart et al., 1989, timing of collision between the North and South China Blocks: the Sm-Nd isotopc age evidence, Science in China(series B), Vol. 32: 1391-1400.

    2. Li Shuguang, S. R. Hart and Wu Tieshan, 1990, Rb-Sr and Sm-Nd isotope dating of an early Precambrian splite-keratophyre sequence for Nd-isotopic homogenization in the mafic and felsic lavas during low-grade metamorphism, Precambrian Research, Vol. 47: 191-203.

    3. Li Shuguang et al., 1993, collision of the North China and Yangtz Blocks and formation of coesite-bearing eclogites: Timing and processes, Chemical Geology, Vol. 109: 89-111.

    4. Li Shuguang et al., 1994, Excess argon in phengite from eclogite: Evidence from dating of eclogite minerals by Sm-Nd, Rb-Sr and 40Ar/39Ar methods,Chemical Geology, Vol. 112, 343-350.

    5. Li Shuguang et al., 1996, Chronology and geochemistry of metavolcanic rocks from Heigouxia Valley in the Mian-Lue tectonic zone, South Qinling: Evidence for a Paleozoic oceanic basin and its close time, Sciences in China (ser. D), Vol. 39: 300-310.