JIA Xiaofeng(贾晓峰)
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    JIA Xiaofeng(贾晓峰)

  • Title: Associate Professor

    Department: Geophysics

    Tel: 86-551-3607063

    Email: xjia@ustc.edu.cn

    Teaching: Exploration Seismology; Digital Signal Analysis

    Research Interests: Seismic migration; seismic wave propagators; numerical methods of seismic modeling



    1. Xiaofeng Jia, and Ru-Shan Wu, 2009, Calculations of wavefield gradients and wave propagation angles in complex media: application to turning wave simulations, Geophysical Journal International, 178(3), 1565-1573.

    2. Xiaofeng Jia, and Ru-Shan Wu, 2009, Superwide-angle one-way wave propagator and its applications in imaging steep salt flanks, Geophysics, 74(4), S75-S83.

    3. Xiaofeng Jia, and Tianyue Hu, 2006, Element-free precise integration method and its applications in seismic modelling and imaging: Geophysical Journal International, 166(1), 349-372.


    Website:  http://staff.ustc.edu.cn/~xjia/