Ni Sidao (倪四道)
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    Ni Sidao (倪四道)

    Dr. Sidao Ni, Changjiang Professor of Geophysics

    Tel: 86-551-3600085

    Fax: 86-551-3607386



    Computational Seismology ;Global Seismology; Earthquake Physics

    Current research:

    - High Frequency Radiation of great earthquakes
    - Focal depth, mechanism and directivity of earthquakes from waveforms

    - Source region of Microseismic Sources

    - D” and Ultra Low Velocity Zone


    2007—Director of National Geophysical Observatory (Mengcheng), USTC

    2004- Professor of Geophysics, University of Science and Technology of China (USTC)

    2003-2004 Associate Scientist, Seismological Laboratory, Caltech

    2001-2003 Assistant Scientist, Seismological Laboratory, Caltech


    2001, Ph.D. of Geophysics (major) and Computational Science (minor),

    California Institute of Technology,

    (advisors: Don Helmberger and Thomas J. Ahrens).

    1996, M.Sc. of Geophysics, UTSC, (advisor, Guoming Xu)

    1993, B.Sc. of Geophysics, USTC,


    2004-2007, Chinese Academy of Science, 100 outstanding researcher


    Organizational (USTC)

    2005- Chair, geophysics program.

    2005- asscoiate director, Chinese Academy of Science, Key Laboratory of Crust and Mantle Material and Evironment

    Advisory Boards and Program Committees

    2005, Inter-Academy Panel, Mitigation of natural disaster


    2005-2007 Editorial board, Chinese Applied Geophysics,


    American Geophysical Union (1997-).
    Seismological Society of America (2005-).


    (A)  Journal Papers

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