ion detection laboratory
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    ion detection laboratory

  • Summary

    The space environment is filled with plasma. The energy of most particles is lower than 20 keV. Parameters of low-energy particles in space plasmas are very important in space plasma detection. Generally low-energy particle detectors are used to measure energy spectrum, component and relative abundance of particles. The science data obtained by particle detector is helpful to study the physical processes in space plasma. Meanwhile, the reliability of payload is very important, which affects the normal operation of payload and the validity of measured data. One of the most effective ways to examine the reliability of the payload is carrying out experiments in space environment simulators. Problems which are difficult to be detected could be discovered during tests. Then payloads would be improved. So design, manufacture, improving, ground test and calibration of space low-energy particle detectors such as ion energy analyzer and mass spectrometer are our main tasks.

    1.Electronics lab

    Arbitrary waveform generator, oscilloscope, multi-channel programmable DC power supply, desktop multimeter, logic analyzer and other equipment are used in the electronics lab. Electronics boxes of ion energy analyzer, ion mass spectrometer, electron energy analyzer and other space particle detectors could be developed and tested in our lab.

     2.Assembly room

    The area of the clean room is about 20m2, in which space particle detectors could be assembled and tested.

     3. Ground calibration system

    The vacuum chamber of calibration system is 1.5 meters in diameter, about 1.4 m in length. The ultimate vacuum is 10-6 Pa. There is a five-axis test platform on which a detector could be mounted in the vacuum chamber. An ion beam with specific mass and energy (0.3 – 5 keV) generated by an ion gun is used to test and calibrate the ion energy analyzer. (under construction)

    4.Testing and storage vacuum chamber

    The testing and storage vacuum chamber is 0.5m in diameter and 0.5 in height. The hole detector and other components such as micro-channel plate and electron multiplier could be accommodated in it.