LIU Qi(刘奇)
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    LIU Qi(刘奇)

  • LIU Qi(刘奇)

    Title:associate professor


    Department: Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences

    Phone: 0551-3606793

    Courses: Spectral and hyper-spectral remote sensing (for graduate students)

    Research interests: Remote sensing of cloud, precipitation and aerosol

    Selected Publications:

    1. Liu, Q., Y. Fu, and S. Feng (2010), Geographical patterns of cloud amount derived from ISCCP and the correlation with NCEP reanalysis datasets, Acta Meteor. Sinica, 68(5):689-704.

    2. Liu, Q., Y. Fu, and Y. Wang (2010), Novel algorithm for retrieving spatial scale of precipitating clouds from low-orbiting satellite observations, J. Remote Sens., 14(4):774-788.

    3. Liu, Q., and Y. Fu (2010), Comparison of radiative signals between precipitating and non-precipitating clouds in frontal and typhoon domains over East Asia, Atmos. Res., 96(2-3):436-446.

    4. Liu, Q., Y. Fu, R. Yu, L. Sun, and N. Lu (2008), A new satellite-based census of precipitating and non-precipitating clouds over the tropics and subtropics, Geophys. Res. Lett., 35, L07816, doi:10.1029/2008GL033208.

    5. Liu, Q., and Y. Fu (2007), An examination of summer precipitation over Asia based on TRMM/TMI, Sci China Ser D-Earth Sci, 50(3), 430-411.