ZHENG Jianqiu(郑建秋)
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    ZHENG Jianqiu(郑建秋)

  • ZHENG Jianqiu(郑建秋)

    Title: lectuer

    Gender: male

    Department: Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences


    EMAIL: qiu@ustc.edu.cn

    Courses: Dynamic Meteorology, Introduction to Atmospheric and Oceanic Science,Principal and Application of Meteorological Statistics

    Research interests: Air-sea interaction


    1. Zheng Jianqiu, Ren Baohua, Li Gen. Interannual Variability of Air-sea Turbulent Heat Fluxesover the North Pacific. Chinese Journal of Atmospheric Sciences (in Chinese), 2009, 33(5): 1111-1121

    2. Ren Baohua, Zheng Jianqiu, Du Jianwei. An Index of South China Sea Summer Monsoon Onset Based on Vertically Integrated Moisture Transport. Climatic and Environmental Research (in Chinese), 2007, 12(4): 503-514

    3. Li Gen, Ren BaoHua, Zheng Jianqiu, Yang Chengyun. Trend singular value decomposition analysis and its application to the global ocean surface latent heat flux and SST anomalies. J. Climate , 2011, 24: 2931-2948