Wang Shui(王水)
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    Wang Shui(王水)

  • Name: Wang Shui

    Present Position:
    Space Physics Professor
    CAS Key Laboratory of Basic Plasma Physics (LBPP)


    Mailing Address:  School of Earth & Space Sci.,Univ. of Sci. & Tech. of China,96 Jinzhai RD,Hefei, Anhui 230026,P. R. China
    Telephone : +86-551-3602521

    Fax : +86-551-3607615

    Research field: 

    study of basic phenomenon and theory in space physics,including Whistler Waves, VLF, particle acceleration, magnetic reconnection and so on. 

    Major publications:
    (1)Wang S, Hu Y Q, Wu S T.1982. Full-implicit continuous Eulerian scheme in the spherical coordinates and its applications to solar phenomena. Sci Sin Ser A,25:1305-1318
    (2)Wang S, Wang Y. 1984. Low-latitude ducted whistlers observed at Snaya, Hainan,China// Achievements of the International Magnetospheric Study(IMS):549-552.
    (3)Wang S, Wang J F, Comfort R H. 1984. A magnetohydrodynamic model of whistlers duct structure in the magnetosphere. Planet Space Sci.32:143-150.
    (4)Wang S, Lee L C, Wei C Q. 1988. Streaming tearing instability in the current sheet with a super-Alfven flow. Phys. Fluids, 31:1544-1548.
    (5)Wang S, Wang X Y, Wu C S, et al. 2001. Interaction between a fast plasmoid and the solar wind. Sol Phys,202:385-393.