Huang Weidong(黄卫东)
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    Huang Weidong(黄卫东)

  • Dr. Weidong Huang, Associate Professor, Department of Geochemistry & Environmental Science,

    tel: 86 551 3606631, email:



    Focus on concentrated solar energy optics and technology

    Environmental engineering
    Simulation of environmental science and engineering 

    Selected Paper
    1.    Weidong Huang, et al. (2012). "Performance simulation of a parabolic trough solar collector." Solar Energy 86(2): 746-755.

    2.    Weidong Huang, 氢能或电能驱动的人工光合作用固定CO2合成糖 (Synthesis of sugar and fixation of CO2 through artificial photosynthesis driven by hydrogen or electricity),中国科学技术大学学报Journal of University of Science and Technology of China2011.5, 1/1

    3.    Y-HP. Zhang, Weidong Huang, Constructing the electricity–carbohydrate–hydrogen cycle for a sustainability revolution, Trends in Biotechnology, 22 March 2012 available, in press,

    4.    Weidong Huang, Y-HP. Zhang, Analysis of Biofuels Production from Sugar Based on Three Criteria: Thermodynamics, Bioenergetics, and Product Separation Energy &Environ. Sci. IF9.45);2011.1, 1/2

    5.    Huang WD, Zhang Y-HP*. 2011.Energy efficiency analysis: biomass-to-wheel efficiency related with biofuels production, fuel distribution, and powertrain systems. PLoS One 6(7).

    6.    Weidong Huang, et al, Oxygen Transfer in High-Speed Surface Aeration Tank for Wastewater Treatment: Full-Scale Test and Numerical Modeling, JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING-ASCE, 135 (8): 684-691 AUG 2009, 1/3

    7.    Weidong Huang, et al, Ozone generation by hybrid discharge combined with catalysisOZONE-SCIENCE & ENGINEERING, 29 (2): 107-112 2007, 1/3 

    8.    Jinhui Wang, Xudong Huang, Weidong Huang, A quantitative kinetic model for ATP-induced intracellular Ca2+ oscillationsJOURNAL OF THEORETICAL BIOLOGY, 245 (3): 510-519 APR 7 2007, 3/3

    9.    Weidong Huang, Zengliang Yu, A dose-survival model for low energy ion irradiationINTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF RADIATION BIOLOGY, 83 (2): 133-139 FEB 2007, 1/2