ZHOU Renjun(周任君)
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    ZHOU Renjun(周任君)

  • ZHOU Renjun(周任君)

    Associate Professor

    Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences

    School of Earth and Space Sciences

    University of Science and Technology of China

    Hefei, Anhui 230026, China

    Tel: 86-551-3600161

    Fax: 86-551-3600161

    E-mail: zrj@ustc.edu.cn

    Personal Homepage: http://staff.ustc.edu.cn/~zrj

    Ph.D., University of Science & Technology of China (2005)

    B.S., University of Science & Technology of China (2000)

    Research Interests:

    1) Ozone variation over the Tibetan Plateau and its climatic effects

    2) Stratospheric Aerosol

    3) Interaction of the troposphere and stratosphere


    1. Zhou Renjun*, Cai Hongke, Yi Mingjian. The relationship of the ENSO cycle and the stratospheric aerosol distribution. Chinese Journal of Geophysics (in Chinese), 2011 (in press)

    2. Zhou Renjun*, Liu Pengbing, Zhou Wen, Cai Hongke, Chen Yuejuan. The analysis of quasi-biennial oscillation characteristics of stratospheric aerosol. Chinese Journal of Geophysics (in Chinese), 2011, 54(5), doi: 10.3969 / j.issn.0001-5733.2011.05.001

    3. Zhou Renjun*, Chen Yuejuan, Bi Yun, et al. Aerosol Distribution over the Qinghai-Xizang Plateau and Its Relationship with Ozone. Plateau Meteorology(in Chinese), 2008, 27(3): 500-508.

    4. Zhou Renjun*, Chen Yuejuan. Effects of Variation of Low Ozone Center over the Tibetan Plateau on Climate in China. Chinese Journal of Atmospheric Sciences(in Chinese), 2007, 31(3): 479-485.

    5. Zhou Renjun*, Chen Yuejuan. Anomaly of the Ozone Low Center over the Tibetan Plateau in 1998 and the Surrounding Flow Field. Climatic and Environmental Research(in Chinese), 2006, 11(2): 169-174.