Hao Yantao(郝艳涛)
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    Hao Yantao(郝艳涛)

  • Hao Yantao   


    School of Earth and Space Sciences

    University of Science and Technology of China

    Hefei, Anhui 230026, P. R. China

    Tel: +86-551-3607008

    Email: ythao@ustc.edu.cn

    Ph.D., University of Ferrara, Italy (2010);

    M.S., University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) (2006);

    B.S., USTC (2004)

    Research Interests:

    Mantle geochemistry

    (1)   water content of nominally anhydrous minerals(NAMs) of mantle xenoliths

    (2)   mantle fluid activity indicated by elements

    (3)   mantle metasomatism traced by stable isotopic element


    1.   Hao Y T, Xia Q K,  Liu S C, Zhang Y P, Feng M. 2011. Recognizing juvenile and relict lithospheric mantle beneath the North China Craton: Combined analysis of H2O and element contents and Sr-Nd isotope compositions for clinopyroxenes from peridotite xenoliths hosted by Cenozoic basalts. Submitted to Lithos.

    2.   Hao Y T, Xia Q K, Gu X Y, Feng M. 2011. Water contents of the Cenozoic lithospheric mantle beneath the western North China Craton: peridotite xenolith constraints. Prepare to submit to Gondwana Research.

    3.  Hao Y T, Xia Q K, Dallai L. 2011. Oxygen isotope and trace element compositions of peridotite xenoliths in Nushan Cenozoic basalts (SE China) and implications for mantle metasomatism. Prepare to submit to Contrib.. Mineral. Petrol.

    4. Hao Y T, Xia Q K, Coltorti M, Bonadiman C, Dallai L. 2011. Petrology and geochemistry of spinel peridotite xenoliths from Subei basin, Eastern China. Prepare to submit to J. Petrology.