LUO Tao(罗涛)
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    LUO Tao(罗涛)

  •   LUO Tao(罗涛) 

    Title: Post Doctor.   

    Sex: Male

    Phone: 0551-3607172

    Field of specialization:

      Physics of Atmospheric Boundary layer


    1.Luo Tao, Yuan Renmin, Wu Xuping, et al. 2008. A New Parameterization of Temperature Structure Parameter in Entraining Convective  Boundary Layer. Optics Communications. 281: 5683–5686.

    2.Luo Tao, Yuan Renmin,Wu Xiaoqing, Deng Shumei. 2008. Turbulent Characteristics of Atmospheric Boundary Layer under Complex Underlying using Discrete Orthogonal Wavelet Transform. Plateau Meteorology. 27(6): 1195-1204.