Briefing of ESS Scholarships
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    Briefing of ESS Scholarships

  • Below is a brief introduction to some student scholarships and travel grants which are only awarded in the School of Earth and Space Sciences.

    1. ZHAO JIUZHANG Scholarship

    This scholarship was co-founded by the Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Center for Space Science and Applied Research (Both institutes are part of Chinese Academy of Sciences system) and Mr. WU Jingsheng, in 2007. ZHAO Jiuzhang is a distinguished Chinese geophysicist and he is regarded as the Father of Chinese Artificial Satellite. This scholarship is established for the memorial of ZHAO Jiuzhang and also to inspire students to develop passion on geoscience. It awards 10 undergraduates with 4,000 CNY per person every year.

    2. Geoscience Climbing Scholarship

    This scholarship was started and sponsored by the Institute of Geology and Geophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, in 2006, to award excellent undergraduate students for their academic achievements. It awards 5 undergraduates with 4,000 CNY per person each year.

    3. USTC 817 Alumni Scholarship

    The number 817 represents the class of Earth and Space Sciences, USTC, which was enrolled in 1981 and graduated in 1986, with 7 the department code in USTC. This scholarship was started and sponsored by the 817 alumni in 2006, to provide help to those excellent undergraduates but in financial difficulties. It awards 5 undergraduates per year with 5,000 CNY to each awardee.

    4. Laurel Scholarship

    This scholarship was started by Laurel Industrial Company in 2011, to sponsor the geoscience education in USTC, inspire students to set high goals and work diligently, and also to strengthen cooperation between Laurel Industrial Company and USTC in student training and technological development. It awards 10 students (both undergraduates and graduate students) per year with 4,000 CNY to each awardee.

    5. LIU GUANGDING Geophysics Scholarship

    LIU Guangding is a prominent Chinese Oceanic Geologist and Geophysicist. This scholarship was started in 2010 by LIU Guangding Geophysics Science Fundation, a non-governmental fund devoted to develop geophysics research and education in China. It awards 3 undergraduates per year with 10,000 CNY to each awardee.

    6. Geophysics Summer Travel Grant

    To encourage students to participate in international academic activities and take part in the Stanford-USTC-MIT (SUM) joint summer school, GeoTomo LLC started this travel grant in 2011. It supports 5 students (both undergraduates and graduate students) with US$1,000 travel grant for each person every year.