Liu Yixin(刘义新)
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    Liu Yixin(刘义新)

  • Liu Yixin(刘义新)


    Associate professor


    School of earth and space science

    13955145608, Mobile phone: 13955145608


    Courses: Environmental quality assessment, Environment soil science

    Research interests: soil micro-ecological control

    1 Effect of K1, K2 anti-bacterial agents on tobacco Ralstonia Solanacearum, Engineering,2010, 2, 930-934

    2 Effect of colloid titanium dioxide treatment soil on the accumulation of Pb, Cu and Zn in wheat. Proceedings of the third International Conference on Soil Pollut.& Remed.,2008

    3 Feasibility in situ Immobilization of Soil Heavy metals by nano-titanium dioxide. Society for Environmental Science,2008,

    4 Superficial performance and pore structure of palygorskite treated by hydrochloric acid., Journal.cent.south university, 2006.