Dr. FredAminzadeh Report
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    Dr. FredAminzadeh Report

  • [2011-10-18]
  • 2011-10-19 14:00
    Dr. FredAminzadeh  ( professor at the University of Southern California )
    RM 704 Teaching and research building (east campus)
    Detail :
    Dr. FredAminzadeh is a professor at the University of Southern
    California and ExecutiveDirector of USC Reservoir Monitoring Consortium.
    Among his current research interests are: reservoircharacterization/
    monitoring, geothermal energy exploration and production,smart oil fields,
    and unconventional resources. He served as thePresident of Society of
    Exploration Geophysicists. He is a memberof Russian Academy of Science, the
    Azerbaijan Oil Academy, and served on the USNational Research Council’s
    Committee on Seismology. Hewas previously president and CEO of dGB-USA.
    Healso worked both in technical and management positions at Unocal (now
    Chevron).He holds 3 US patents, authored 12 booksand over 350 papers on
    different aspects of the computing and geosciencestechnologies, including
    pattern recognition, image processing, neural networks,fuzzy logic, 3D
    seismic modeling, modeling, seismic attributes, advanced seismicdata
    processing, AVO, gas chimneys, fracture network detection, absorption
    andreservoir characterization. He holds a Ph.D. degree from the University
    ofSouthern California.
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