Dr. Donghui Quan Report
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    Dr. Donghui Quan Report

  • [2012-06-06]
  • Title: Time-dependent Modeling of Interstellar O2
    Time:4:00 pm,6-6-2012 
      Dr. Donghui Quan   Department of Chemistry, Eastern Kentucky University

      In between the glorious stars, there is no vacuum. This is actually where the interstellar medium locates. Despite the extremely low density and the relatively low temperature of these regions, more than 100 atoms/molecules/ions, including CO and some organic ones, have been detected towards these sources. Findings of organic molecules in the universe may answer some of the ultimate questions of human beings. For example: what is the origin of life on the earth? Can extraterrestrial civilization exist? What will be the best places for people to search for livable planets? Study of chemistry in the Universe is therefore very important and becomes a thriving field of modern chemistry.
      In this talk, a case study of gas-grain modeling of O2 will be used as an example to illustrate the concept of astrochemistry and how the collaboration between theoreticians, experimentalists, and observers leads to the solution of the long-term mysterious problem of non-detection of O2 toward the interstellar medium.
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