Jie Zhang(张捷)
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    Jie Zhang(张捷)



    Professor of Geophysics
    USTC President’s Representative – North America
    Director of Geophysical Research Institute, USTC
    Email: jzhang25@ustc.edu.cn
    Phone: (86)-551-63606113
    Office: Room 1123, School of Earth and Space Sciences

    1986: BS in Geophysics from USTC
    1991: MS in Geophysics from Penn State
    1996: PhD in Geophysics from MIT 

    1994: United States EPA: STAR Award
    1995: United States NSF: Antarctica Service Award
    1996: P.N.R.A.(Italy): Antarctica Expedition Medal
    2012: Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG): 
        Reginald Fessenden Award
    2015: Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG):
        Best Educator Award
    2015: Ranked 1st among 100 Most Creative People in China
        by US magazine “Fast Company”
    2016: SEG Honorary Lecturer in South and East Asia

    Work Experience
    Previously worked at Shell, USGS, Blackhawk Geometrics, developing and applying geophysical imaging technologies for scientific research and for oil and gas exploration. 
    1998: Founded GeoTomo in Louisville, CO.
    1999: Founded Miles Medical in Beijing and San Francisco, CA.
    2009-2011: Teaching at MIT and Stanford.
    2011-Present: Returned to China and joined USTC.
    2016: Founded Cello Therapeutics Inc. in San Diego, CA.

    Society and Committee: 
    2010-2014: Board Director, SEG Global
    2011-2013: Chairman, SEG China Advisory Committee
    2011-2015: Member, MIT Visiting Committee
    2015-2017: Vice President, SEG

    Graduate Courses Taught:
    At MIT:    12.571 – Near-Surface Geophysical Imaging
    At Stanford:  GEOPHYS 242 – Near-Surface Geophysical Imaging
    At USTC:   GP15217 – Near-Surface Geophysical Imaging
            GP15200 – Advanced Geophysics

    Research Interests:
    Near surface geophysics, full waveform inversion, joint inversion,
    real-time earthquake monitoring, geophysics search engine. 


    Publication and Patents



    Interdisciplinary Research Team on Geophysical Studies

    Graduate Students

    Undrgraduate Students

    Stanford-USTC-MIT (SUM) Geophysics Student Camp

    张捷 教授