Huajian YAO
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    Huajian YAO


    Address:Earth and Space Sciences School, University of Science and Technology of China,96 Jinzhai Road, Hefei, Anhui Province, P.R. China, 230026
    Office Tel: 0551-63607201

    Huajian YAO, Professor in geophysics. Born in June, 1979 in Guangde, Anhui Province, China. PhD in Geophysics (MIT, 2009).


    I am mainly interested in fundamental and applied research in seismology and geophysics. The current research projects include (1)seismic imaging using earthquake surface waves and ambient seismic noise;(2)shallow surface and lithospheric structure and deformation;(3)earthquake rupture imaging;(4)micro-earthquakes and non-volcanic tremor;(5)array methods and application;(6)geophysical inverse methods and application. I have published 32 research papers in peer-reviewed journals, with more than 660 citations, and over 400 citations for the first author papers(till September2014).


    1. Education

    2004/09-2009/05,Masschusetts Institute of Technology,PhDin geophysics
       PhD Thesis:Ambient noise interferometry and surface-wave array tomography in southeastern Tibet
    2001/09-2004/06,University of Science and Technology of China,M.S. (with honor)
    1996/09-2001/06,University of Science and Technology of China,B.S. (with honor)


    2. Employment

    2012/01-,University of Science and Technology of China,professor
    2010/08-2012/07,Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UCSD,Green Scholar (postdoc)
    2009/06-2010/07,Masschusetts Institute of Technology,postdoc research associate 


    3. Honors and Awards

    Excellence in Refereeing, AGU JGR-Solid Earth (2013)
    NSF of China “Excellent Young Scholar” Funding recipient (2012)
    “Thousand Young Talents” award from Chinese Government(2011)
    Green Scholarship, IGPP/Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UCSD, (2010 – 2012)
    Outstanding Graduate Student Award, Anhui Province, China(2004)
    Graduate with Honor, University of Science and Technology of China(M.S., 2004)
    Graduate with Honor, University of Science and Technology of China(B.S., 2001) 

    4. Professional Societies

    Chinese Geophysical Society, American Geophysical Union, Seismological Society of America


    5. Teaching 
    2014 Spring: Frontiers in Geophysics: Structure and dynamic evolution of Tibetan Plateau (with prof. Wei Leng)
    2013,2014 Fall: Geophysical Inversion (In English; with prof. Haijiang Zhang)
    2013 Spring:Frontiers in Geophysics: Seismic Imaging (In English; with prof. Haijiang Zhang)
    2012 Fall:Advancing Forum in Geosciences: Structure and Dynamic Evolution of the Earth (Lecture in Chinese, reading and discussion in English; with prof. Haijiang Zhang)


    6. Professional Services

    (1) Chief secretary of "the Steering Committee of Teaching in Geophysics", Ministry of Education in China (2013-2017)
    (2) Associate editor, Seismological Research Letter (SRL); Guest editor, Seismological Research Letter (SRL), for the “Lushan Earthquake” special issue
    (3) Editorial board member: Science in China – Earth Science; Earthquake Science
    (4) Session conveners and chairs for CGS, AGU and WPGM meetings; Judge for the outstanding student paper award, AGU Meeting
    (5) Peer reviewer for National Science Foundation of China and US
    (6) Peer reviewer for over 50 papers in more than 10 scientific journals (Nature Geoscience,EPSL,JGR,GRL,GJI,G3,BSSA,Tectonophysics,Geology, Survey in Geophysics, PAGEOPH, Earthquake Sci., Chinese Sci. Bulletin, Science in China) and Society of Exploration Geophysics
    (7) Organizer of “Invited Seminar of Geophysics, USTC” and “Graduate student seminar of geophysics, USTC”
    (8) High-school scientific seminar: Origin and evolution of the Earth 


    7. Social Services

    Vice-Chair, Young Scholar Union at USTC, (2014-)
    President of Chinese Association of Science and Technology, MIT(2007-2009)


    8. Peer-reviewed Publications 




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