• Bridge Between Quantum Mechanics and General Relativity Still Possible

    An international team of researchers developed a unified framework that would account for the apparent break down between classical and quantum physics, and they put it to the test using a quantum satellite called Micius. They published their results ruling out one version of their theory on Sept 19th in Science.

  • Prof. HUANG Weixin Won the 7th China Catalytic Youth Award
    [2019-11-11] HUANG proposed the research idea of “Single to Nano crystals-based model catalysts" to carry out the research.
  • Night at the Library——the Sixth USTC Room Escape in the Library
    [2019-11-11] USTC library held the sixth Room Escape in the east and west libraries.
  • High-Temperature Superconductivity in Monolayer
    [2019-11-06] The revealing the mechanism of high-temperature superconductivity was published in Nature on Oct 31st.
  • USTC Discovers the Mechanisms and Functions of Intestinal Commensal Viruses
    [2019-11-04] A research first indicates that commensal viruses are essential for the homeostasis of intestinal immunity.
  • USTC Male and Female Student Football Teams Won the College Football League in the Provinc...
    [2019-11-02] the USTC male and female student football teams both won the championship with all-win rounds.
  • 2019 Annual Conference of CSHST Opens
    [2019-11-01] On Oct 26, the 2019 Annual Conference of the Chinese Society for the History of Science and Technology (CSHST) opened.
  • USTC First Achieves Experimental Measurement-Device-Independent Quantum Steering
    [2019-10-31] Academician GUO Guangcan's team has made important progress in the research of basic problems of quantum mechanics.
  • Researchers Achieve Quantum Sensor of Electromagnetic Field in Nano Space
    [2019-10-29] SUN Fangwen's team experiment has realized the multi-functional quantum sensor with a high accuracy of 50 Nano space.
  • Scientists Find A New Mechanism of Liver Tumor Escaping NK Cells Immune Surveillance
    [2019-10-28] Prof. WEI Haiming and TIAN Zhigang and their colleagues found that the mitochondria of NK cells in liver cancer broke and their anti-tumor function was lost.
  • USTCers Excel in the China College Students “Internet Plus” Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition
    [2019-10-26] USTC teams won 2 gold, 1 silver and 1 copper medal from more than 1.09 million teams of 4,000 different universities, the best record in history.
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  • From Hydrothermal Carbonization to Hydrothermal Humification and Hydrothermal Re...

    11-14 10:00, Exhibition Hall, Hefei National Laboratory Building

    Protein Complexes in Cell Regulation

    11-14, 9:00-10:00, Room 329B, School of Life Sciences.

    Sub-molecular fluorescence microscopy with STM

    11-14, 10:30, Room 9004, Hefei National Laboratory Building.

    Design strategy for a full energy injector for 3 GeV low emittance ring

    11-13 9:00, Room 210, the 3rd buliding of the National Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory.

    Renaissance of“ancient”human anatomy

    11-12 15:30-17:00, Room 531, biology building, west campus.

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