• New Membrane Efficiently Separates Mirrored Molecules

    Prof. LIU Bo and colleagues developed a chiral separation membrane capable of capturing left-handed chiral molecules and releasing right-handed counterpartusing two-dimensional layered materials.

    The “trees”(Chiral sites) can catch the left-handed molecules (Six Ears) while allowing the right-handed ones (Monkey King) to be transported away. by CUI Jie
  • From BubR1 Crystal and Chemical Probes to Targeted Oncotherapy
    [2019-07-18] In a study published in Cell Research, Prof. YAO Xuebiao’s team from University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) of the Chinese Academy of Sciecnes (CAS), colla...
  • New Imaging Technology for Ultrahigh-Speed Brain Mapping
    [2019-07-17] A technique developed by researchers at the Center for Integrative Imaging of USTC helps neurobiologists to observe brain in 3D with high speed and high accuracy.
  • Good News from 2019 IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR)
    [2019-07-15] The Intelligent Voice team led by Associate Professor DU Jun won a championship and a runner-up in the object detection competition under optical remote sensing image.
  • USTC First Realized the All-Photonic Quantum Repeater
    [2019-07-12] Prof. PAN Jianwei, Prof. CHEN Yuao and Prof. XU Feihu and their team has demonstrated the all-photonic quantum repeater, offering a new approach to construct the long-dis...
  • Variant Pleasure and Invariant Passion---the fantastic first week in 7th FPISC
    [2019-07-10] Campers from 7th FPISC are passionately joining group seminars or doing experiments all around the East Campus and West Campus with pleasure.
  • Breakthrough in Medical Electrical Impedance Tomography
    [2019-07-09] The research team, led by DU Jiangfeng from CAS Key Laboratory of Micro-scale Magnetic Resonance, has achieved high contrast reconstructed image with different image form...
  • USTC Champion the Top International Image Recognition Challenges
    [2019-07-05] On June 24th, the USTC-NELSLIP team won the championship in the "AI Meets Beauty” Image Recognition Challenge held by ACM Multimedia.
  • See You, Not only a Party, But a Blessing
    [2019-07-03] On the evening of June 14th, the 2019 Eternal USTCer graduation ceremony and See You graduation party were held.
  • USTC Ranks 12th in 2019 Nature Index Ranks Global Universities
    [2019-07-02] In the Nature Index of 2019, USTC ranked 12th among the universities around the world with six places up from last year and fourth among universities in mainland China.
  • Unconventional CN Vacancies in Prussian Blue Analogue Boosting Oxygen Evolution Catalysis
    [2019-07-01] YU Shuhong and GAO Minrui propose a simple and effective method to create unconventional CN vacancies (VCN) in Ni-Fe Prussian blue analogue (PBA) by a nitrogen plasma bom...
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