USC Dr. Fred Aminzadeh Visits USTC

  • [2011-10-26]
  • On October 19th of 2011, Prof. Fred Aminzadeh, Executive Director of USC Reservoir Monitoring Consortium, and former president of Society of Exploration Geophysicists, paid a visit to USTC.

    Prof. Fred Aminzadeh is a member of Russian Academy of Science, the Azerbaijan Oil Academy, and served on the US National Research Council’s Committee on Seismology. He was previously president and CEO of dGB-USA. He supported to establish SEG office in China. He also worked both in technical and management positions at Unocal (now Chevron).

    In the afternoon, Prof. Aminzadeh gave an inspiring presentation titled as Geophysical Monitoring of Reservoirs. He hopes that the students would take full advantage of SEG resources,such as applying for exchange study, scholarship opportunities, etc. 

    Prof. Fred Aminzadeh gave a presentation /Copyright ESS

    After the presentation,he met vice President of USTC, Dr. DOU Xiankang. Prof. Aminzadeh gave a summary of the history of USC and scientific programs of Oil and Electronics Engineering Institute, and expressed willingness to promote collaboration between two universities. Vice President DOU briefed the achievements that USTC has reached as one of the top-ranking research universities in China, and excellent tradition and features of ESS. He emphasized that Geophysics is the foundation of natural science, and USTC will encourage and support financially young faculty members to visit famous institutions in developed countries.

    Prof.Fred Aminzadeh received souvenir from Vice President DOUxiankang

    (school of Earth and Space Sciences, USTC SEG student chapter , Foreign affairs office)